The Best Barefoot and Minimalist Hiking Sandals


They feel rather stiff at first, but break in well and do the job. These new changes are subtle and should make Xero more comfortable for more people – if you’ve already been loving and wearing Xero you likely will still be happy! If you’re new to this brand, check out my other Xero Shoes reviews for more details.

The main difference between the Wakova Feather and original Wokova is slightly thicker straps. For 10% off your order on the Unshoes website, use code nomanbefore10. The Unshoes mission is to make shoes that enable people to move naturally. Unshoes makes several casual outdoor minimalist sandals, including the Wokova and the Wokova Feather, both inspired by classic huaraches.

The 10 Best Barefoot Sandals for Hiking, Running, & Walking

When I ordered these, they were a last resort and I was ‘meh’ about them. I have a wide forefoot and regular to narrow heel. My feet are cranky from past years of distance running and I have a small bunion on one foot. I ran across these Xero shoes when googling ‘shoes for wide forefoot’. They did not have the color I wanted in womens size, so I ordered a men’s size (1.5 sizes smaller in men’s – there’s a conversion chart on the Xero website). I was so meh about them I almost cancelled my order.

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I’ve been wearing the Wokova Feather, which holds up to the name. The Wakova is the first barefoot sandal I tried with a between-the-toe strap. I thought I might find the strap uncomfortable because I don’t usually like things between my toes, but I barely even noticed there was anything there. The strap is smooth and soft, and you can adjust it so it feels just right.

Xero Shoes Xcursion Fusion Hiking Boot Review

If you think of your foot is a bit longer than the kids size 4, you can consider ordering the narrower but longer women’s style. Just be sure to adjust the size by 1.5 (for example a kid’s size 4 is the same as a women’s 5.5. A half-size larger than the kid’s size 4 would be the women’s size 6). According to Xero Shoes, their shoes are designed to fit “true to size,” meaning that they should fit the same as your standard shoe size. However, it’s important to note that different shoe styles and materials may fit differently, even within the same brand. Xero shoes provide a more natural fit, because of their roomy toe boxes giving more of a sense of freedom of movement. And for good posture, they use what is known as a “Zero-Drop” shoe, in which the heel is not raised.

Some people are really bothered by in-between toe straps while others love them, you just have to decide which one you are. If you dislike straps between your toes, then there are over-the-toe minimalist sandal options as well. Most barefoot shoe brands generally fall on different parts of the spectrum. Sometimes different models of shoes within a brand fall on different parts of the spectrum too.

  • Of course, I can’t end this battle without mentioning the price.
  • When discussing why barefoot shoes and their benefits, I’ll cover a few of the benefits that are related to daily wear and performance output.
  • See my Alpine review here, and looks at sandals, Daylite Hiker Fusion, and Aqua Sport.
  • For this case study, you can take your approach to adapt to barefoot shoes in multiple directions.
  • To get your size, I always recommend that you measure your feet in the way you plan to wear them and then add a target of 12 mms of extra space.

The woman’s 7.5 has an overly rigid material on the toe box, and is too tight over the toe box. This may be do to the light gray material on this one shoe. It is wearable, but the rounded toe box, narrow toe box over the front top of the shoe, and too narrow of width, makes it uncomfortable.


They’re more comfortable, longer lasting, and super stylish. I don’t even know where my earth runners are lol i just lost them in my garage now. The laces are easy to adjust as its one piece that weaves from its base between your toes to around your ankle and through a plastic lock. We provide shipping at a low rate to all customers within the continental United States. We will choose the best service on a per-order basis at the time of shipment. They’re available in a huge range of sizes and colours, and they’re suitable for the entire family – including newcomers to the barefoot community.


The Prio is that versatile that I’ve regularly worn them with shorts, or with pants casually. They don’t look inconspicuous, or barefoot at all, and they’re identical to many hiking shoes on the market. These ballet flats work best for feet with about a medium width. I think those with truly wide feet won’t have enough room for toes, and those with narrow feet will have trouble fixating them.

They’re a shoe brand that is increasing in popularity. I think you should get size EU 45 if you fit 46 in Adidas. This translates to more than a thumb-width of room from your big toe to the shoe.

When held, they look like they have a lot of toe spring but there is only a very minimal upward tilt when they are worn, and even that will fade with more wear on his newer pair. I also was kind of disappointed that the fuzzy lining stops at the midfoot, and the insole is not fuzzy either. The sole is nice and flexible, and the material is soft. I like that there’s an option for a little more padding as I run on some very rough, rocky roads. When I run in these shoes, I feel very light and free. Carefully remove your foot without moving the book, then measure the space between the wall and the book in centimeters.

Make sure to measure both feet, since one may be longer than the other. We are a premium, hand-curated store to shop for the best gear. Find your proven favorites, as well as new athlete-founded and designer-driven brands that are hard to find anywhere else. You’ll use this measurement to select the right size of our DIY kits.

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And too, the people working at the Vivobarefoot stores told me to go even bigger! I decided to not but they were adamant on it. Repeat with other foot, note down all measurements. Place your heel against the wall, put your weight on your foot. These Xero Shoes Xcursion Fusion boots were donated for purpose of review. The Xero Xcursion is a unique boot, but here is a look at a few boots that may give a similar experience.

Xero suggest that the Prio is true to size, and selecting your normal US size should fit adequately – which was the case for me. However, e-mailing Xero for advice could be an option if you’re somewhat hesitant. I review one of their most popular models, a versatile all-rounder better known as the Prio. I wear size 41 EU (10.5 US) with a measured inner length of 27.2 cm (my foot is 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide; medium/wide; low/medium volume). I sized down because my usual size was too voluminous for me which made my foot slide forward. I know 9 mm of extra space isn’t ideal by barefoot standards but the material of these flats is so stretchy and soft that I don’t feel my toes being restricted in any way.

But if you are new to sandals, you would find that your feet and legs take in the impact that the thinner soles don’t absorb, which might take some getting used to. In this case, this lifter will have a much larger range of comfort when wearing their barefoot shoes for the first few weeks. From a coaching point of view, this is where it’s also important to conceptualize your goals with what types of footwear help you perform your best. I think there’s a context where everyone can use barefoot shoes sparingly to gain benefits without having to change everything about their performance and footwear preferences. In some ways, it’s the old “use it or lose it” sentiment with mechanoreceptors.

The last thing you want is to go all out too fast with barefoot shoes and get incredibly sore which could detract from your normal training. This is one pair of shoes we can really show the durability of because he wears these almost daily. He’ll only wear sandals or boots for special reasons, otherwise it’s Prios every. The Terraflex has been a popular barefoot hiking shoe for a while, but has been revamped and re-released this spring. It comes with reflective straps, abrasion resistant material, a protective toe cap, and 4mm trail lugs. I took mine hiking on a slushy, muddy path and they even kept me dry (though they aren’t actually waterproof)!

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The exit strategies for small businesses All-Day SR has a slip resistant sole that beats out any other option currently available. It comes in all-black to comply with dress codes, and is a full-grain leather. The widest selection of barefoot shoes in one place. I was really excited to try these out for a run — however, disappointed before even a mile into the run. For the next 4 miles I was stopping every 1/2 mile to re-insert the insole.

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