10 of the Best Options for Building an Effective DevOps Team

IT leaders are actually struggling to understand which tools and technologies they should utilize to enable DevOps. There are countless tools in the market that enable organizations to build, test, deliver, and deploy with ease. To get organizations started, we put together a list of top DevOps tools that can enable a successful DevOps team structure. As the ops in DevOps, IT engineers are essential to the process. DevOps requires sys admins who are competent in IT operations, but ideally, they are more than that.

How to improve DevOps team structure

A team with blinkers is performing well against many of the PATHS skills, but there are massive blind spots. The lack of automation isn’t clear during regular operation, but it takes a long time to deploy a fix when you discover a critical production issue. You might use BizOps to highlight a disconnect between the business and the teams supplying their tools. To make this successful, you must repeat the DevOps process of finding conflicting goals and other barriers preventing teams from working together. As Jim Benson says in The Collaboration Equation, ‘individuals in teams create value’.

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These DevOps metrics provide the essential data DevOps teams require to have the visibility and control over their development pipeline. When it comes to DevOpsprocess, many variables can derail even the most well-thought-out projects. However, several best practices can help teams meet deadlines while also lowering risks. In the end, no one wants to be the person held responsible for ill-performing applications that under-deliver and over-promise. Therefore, everyone should learn how to manage expectations and utilize proven tools to decrease common burdens. Versatility is an integral skill in the industry, and successful DevOps pros should be able to use—or at least have working knowledge of—a broad range of tools.

How to improve DevOps team structure

Containers provide a hand-over system that removes the need for constant negotiation between the Dev and Ops teams. The smooth collaboration model offers a seamless and continuous collaboration between the Dev and Ops teams. Each team specializes as needed while also sharing where applicable. The opposite of the embedded DevOps team model is building a stand-alone team of DevOps experts who do nothing but DevOps.


The model may not work so well with multiproduct companies due to frequent context-switching. Probably the most popular approach to building a DevOps team is to “embed” the DevOps team within a larger team. The larger team is usually either the software development or IT operations team. A security engineer oversees the application or environment for better security and compliance. This person works closely with the IT Ops team to plan the best approach for services. A Security Engineer is responsible for designing & maintaining infrastructure security using automation and CI/CD tools.

Teams can build the DevOps toolchain they want, thanks to integrations with leading vendors and marketplace apps. Although developers have become more directly involved in software testing in recent years, quality assurance engineers still play a valuable DevOps role. Code is at the core of DevOps processes, and the people who write code are at the core of a DevOps organization.

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Long-term change requires bold actions from employers who want to attract the best talents. Instead of having highly specialized team members, focus on having well-rounded and experienced generalists. In short, someone who is able to write a front-end component, create the API & be able to get the whole solution running. While having great developers specialized in individual programming frameworks and languages is great, a highly effective team will have people that can jump from back-end to front-end. An Evangelist needs to possess two leadership traits — a front runner for the organization and the leader of teams that are passionate about the process and the company as a whole.

The leaders should allow team members to make their own decisions, rather than making all the decisions by themselves. Trust will be crucial to letting these teams organize themselves & learn what is effective & what needs more effective implementation next time. The ability to recover quickly from a failure depends on the ability to quickly identify when a failure occurs, and deploy a fix or roll-back any changes that led to the failure. This is usually done by continuously monitoring system health and alerting operations staff in the event of a failure. The operations staff must have the necessary processes, tools, and permissions to resolve incidents. The same practices that enable shorter lead times — test automation, trunk-based development, and working in small batches — correlate with a reduction in change failure rates.

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Rather than attempting to create a collaborative model, this method is extremely linear – you start with the developer to build out the practice, following which it is pushed out to the different functions. All the teams have their own champions and essentially do their own thing independently of other teams. The https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ idea is to take people from each of the business units and form one single virtual team where the high-level strategic and tactical decisions are made. Getting the formation of teams and structures right in order to implement DevOps efficiently isn’t easy but it’s absolutely key to a successful DevOps adoption.

How to improve DevOps team structure

DORA’s research has found reliability unlocks the effect of software delivery performance on organizational outcomes. Site Reliability Engineering solves operations as if it’s a software problem. The devops team structure SRE team strongly focuses on performance, capacity, availability, and latency for products operating at massive scale. Google pioneered this approach to manage continental-level service capacity.

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We suggest you follow all the points that we have discussed today to make sure your DevOps team works seamlessly together. Please drop a comment if you have any doubts or words of appreciation. DevOps metrics are data points that directly reveal the performance of a DevOps software development pipeline and help quickly identify and remove any bottlenecks in the process.

  • The operations staff must have the necessary processes, tools, and permissions to resolve incidents.
  • In a similar vein, it’s important to monitor production applications in order to identify failures or performance deficiencies, before you hear about them from your customers.
  • We use a mix of meetups, webcasts, ad-hoc virtual chats, and electronic polls to replace our personal observation of working environments, to listen, and to understand what is important to our colleagues.
  • As a leader this is gratifying to witness, he said, with engineering teams”looking to drive outcomes which will help our business and they feel challenged with new problems to solve.”
  • The Accelerate State of DevOps Report shows that you commonly find Platform Engineering teams in high-performance organizations.

Nonetheless, it is worth building strategic connections between the core DevOps team and colleagues in nontechnical roles. One technique is to embrace shift-right testing for noncritical features. This enables some tests to be performed after code is deployed, which reduces the number of tests that run pre-deployment and gets new releases into production faster.

DevOps Department Structure 6: DevOps / SRE (Google model)

You can revisit your understanding of these DevOps team structures using Team Topologies. This model recognizes that communication within a team is high-bandwidth. How closely aligned two teams are can affect the speed that information moves between them.

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